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Recorded Outcomes Toolkit

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This toolkit has been written for statutory and voluntary youth workers, to help them in thinking about ways to celebrate and reward young people for their personal development achievements through youth work.

The toolkit gives an overview of recorded outcomes tools and techniques across the South West region. It starts by exploring the definitions of accredited and recorded outcomes – both the theoretical definitions and those that are commonly used in practice. Whilst understanding of accredited outcomes is well embedded in youth work, some youth workers are less comfortable about exactly what recorded outcomes are.

The toolkit contains an exercise that can be used to strengthen understanding of these terms. It contains the results of an audit of recorded outcomes methods and tools which hopefully will be of use to others in thinking about how to introduce systems in their own area of work.

The toolkit ends with some examples of ways in which systems to record outcomes for young people have been successfully introduced into various settings, and with suggestions of ways in which the Regional Youth Work Unit can support your work.

For queries and feedback, please contact Tessa Hibbert on 


Recorded Outcomes Toolkit

1. What is a recorded outcome?-- Recorded Outcomes.JPG 

a. NYA definition “Credit Where It’s Due”

b. Youth workers’ definitions

c. Examples

2. Is this a recorded outcome? - Exercise

3. Regional overview

4. Good practice in recording outcomes

5. Recording systems - Some different models

 a. Using sessional recording sheets

b. Recorded outcomes forms

c. Young person's record card

d. A suggested regional model

6. Recorded outcomes in practice

7. Regional benchmarking process

8. Useful contacts 

For queries or feedback please contact Tessa Hibbert on